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TIME The Leader of Life

TIME stands for ‘Teaching Innovation Motivation Excellence’.i.e. Teaching of time turns innovation of mind and helps in motivation for our Excellence.Naturally We think that ‘ IN TIME IN SERVICE’ is a time frame what indicates to comlete a job in a fixed time starting from a fixed time.It is not the proper explanation of it, but only one part of the proper meaning. ‘ In Time’ means the time when required. This is the most important. We think We have enough time in our hand. But to complete a particular job we have not enogh time. We have to attempt due action in due course. This due course of action deserves ` in time’ and due action is ` In service’. we should be careful about time factor in every field. Those who makes good use of time become success in everywhere. They earns a lot and becomes as a celebrity. This is challenging but definitely possible to overcome following the formula of time management.
Again, TIME stands for ‘Things I Must Earn’ i.e. TIME leads a goal of Things that one Must Earn, It tells one’s determination to earn any goal. One with poor punctuality can never be able to reach a goal, because wastage of time is a barrrier of success. It is said, “ one stitch in time saves nine. If we become lazy and unable to manage time properly , no work will be done successfully . We have a full life time in our hand , but it will be in no use because of lacking of good use. Really We should earn Time. It is the total of moments that turns to seconds, minuites, weeks, months, years and Epoch . This is running and running, this is momentary. Many seconds make an hour but we cannot get it at a time. We loss every moments if we fail to earn it. We desire to earn anything in life , but it is only possible if we make proper use of time behind the fact desired. This type of proper utilization of time is called earning time. Earning time one can earn desired goal. For this we can say ‘ Earn time, Earn things.’
Again, TIME Stands for ‘Timming Installation made easy’ i.e. Timming Installation in any service activities made distressed life easy. Time is directly involved with seervic. The only demand of any service is time. Proper time ensure the proper completion of any service. As example say, one is hungry now, so he needs to take meal now. Again , one is sick or injuired now so he needs due treatment in due time. Sometimes we sorrowfully observe that peoples are suffering due to damage of flood or any natural dissester or any accident but proper peventive steps are not taken in time. So distressed people suffers a lot due to lacking in service. In such case our due steps in due time calls “In Time In service” Service in late is meaningless. Time delayed is service cursed. The dialoge “ IN TIME IN TIME IN SERVICE” tells us that service involving time is important time. Naturally it arises a question of a man involved with this process ,he is also important. The relation of Time and service bounded by the man involved there. LEO Tolstoy has cleared the fact in one of his stories relating to the important time, service and person to anybody. He advised that the most important person is he who is now with you, the most important work is to attend or serve him who is now before you and the most important time is “ NOW” when you are serving to one in trouble. Real job in real time saves one in many way.
Time is the most important part of human life. We must all recognize the importance of time and spend it in the right manner to do well in our life. Every little moment is equally important. It should never be neglected because Little moments makes hours.Time is always on motion and moves forwad only. Time once gone is gone for ever, it never come back like a brook.Everyone gets 24 hours in a day. Some are able to accomplish numerous tasks in the time they have while others just sit and complain that they do not have enough time to do their tasks properly. Most of us waste it without any inhibitions.We often indulge in useless tasks at the time we should be working on something important. We wile away our precious time thoughtlessly until it is too late. Many people have the habit of doing their tasks at the last moment , when there is little or almost no time left the work is done in haste and anything done in haste can never be accomplished appropriately. IN TIME IN SERVICE is effected there.
Everything in this Universe is conducted in time. The whole nature teaches us the proper motion of time. The Sun rises and sets in time, the birds start singing in the morning, In the river the flow and reflux occurs in time, the six seasons appears in time, the day and night moves in time, the planets moves in time. Every natural activities are going on continuously and orderly . There is no dissorder for a while. Timely movement of nature is the lesson of GOD to mankind. It teaches to builds up one’s sence of responsibility and grows huminity to others. It generates the sence of discipline, dutifulness, sincerity, punctuality and modesty. We are to manage time duly to be a punctual. A man who does not evaluate time never succeds and lags behind.The history of downfall persons says that misuse of time is the cause of his destruction.Time brings success for one who follow it. Time is money , energy and prosperity . Time leads one to comlete one’s job timely. Obviously we admit the importance of time in successful complession of everything. We can say:-

Time is money, Time is gold , To achive glory, It should be hold . Time is ruller , Time is leader , Rules and leads in life and in the war.
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